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Saturday, December 2, 2017

It is my favorite time of year! Advent is the season leading up to Christmas and including the four preceding Sundays. For me it is always a season of deep reflection and contemplation as I ponder the meaning of Jesus’ birth and life. I daily consider what His birth means for the world, and for me.

Each of us has a story. We have memories, some fond and others we wish we could forget. But each of our stories is a footnote to the greatest story ever told; the true story of Jesus Christ’s birth into our world….His world! We are a part of His story. We are His people who are called by His name. Because He was born we have been born again to a new and living hope.

During this Advent season (Dec. 3 – Dec. 25) it is my prayer that each of us will gather our hearts and minds to consider the deep impact Christ’s coming has had upon our lives, our families, and our world. With hearts of gratitude, wonder and awe, let us welcome Jesus Christ once again into our lives and into our world.

May His glory be revealed to you afresh this Advent season. May your hearts be contented and your minds at peace for a king is born unto us!

Great Blessings!

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