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What's Happening at Cornerstone

Friday, September 18, 2015

Dear friends,

If you are like most Christians, you believe the Bible is the word of God, have experienced its power in your life, and wish you were more consistent in reading it. I remember the first summer I was a Christian. I decided to read through the entire Bible. I never made it. I think there were several reasons why, but I know what a big one was, I was trying to do it alone.

Starting this month, we are encouraging everyone who attends Cornerstone to join a Community Bible Experience small group. This group will help you read the whole New Testament in just 40 days --five days a week, about twelve pages a day, for eight weeks. You will get a copy of the New Testament that is unlike any you've ever had before. It will make reading the New Testament more like reading a book. Also, you'll have the encouragement of a small group. The group is not designed to be a Bible study. Rather it will be more like a book style discussion group to reflect upon the scripture together.

As they say in the TV infomercials, “But wait! There's more!" As an alternative to reading a printed copy of the Bible, you can do your daily reading by downloading a digital version for your tablet or phone, or you can listen to an audio version. There are also daily videos to prepare you for each day’s reading. For families, there is a kid’s audio adaptation. In other words, no matter what your style – reading a traditional book, reading on a screen, or listening to an audio version, you can do this. In eight weeks, you will read the entire New Testament.

There will be sign-up sheets in the refreshment area. Groups will be organized on several weekday evenings and during the adult Sunday school time. Your group leader will contact you early next week about the details. The adult Sunday groups will begin on Sunday, September 27. All of the youth will be in a group that meets on Sunday. If you have any questions, please contact me or one of the elders.

Before winter snows us in, we’ll be having a lot of fun at Cornerstone. On our church webpage or Facebook page, you can get the details for:

  • Membership classes starting this Sunday (You are not committed to join the church by attending.)
  • Our annual apple-picking event at the Yeh farm in southwest Michigan on Saturday, October 3. If you have never come to this, it is something that families and people of all ages thoroughly enjoy. Plan on inviting someone, as they'll have a great time. Plus, you get to go home with all the free apples you want!
  • An opportunity to serve the Daystar School by helping them move into the newly built-out part of the building on Saturday, October 10. The Men's Ministry Second Saturday Fellowship will coordinate this, but it is open to everyone.
  • Sunday, October 11 is the annual Chicago Marathon. There is no need to miss church as there are a number of routes to get to Cornerstone without any delays. Details will be in the bulletin the Sunday before and posted on our website.
  • On Saturday, October 17 the Men's Ministry and Youth Ministry will join together for Whirly Ball.
  • On Sunday, October 18, the Women's Ministry will have a Lunch Out after services.
  • On Sunday, October 25 we will welcome new members and have our annual Congregational Business Meeting. At this meeting we have elections and approve the annual budget.
  • On Saturday, November 7 the Women's Ministry will hold their annual Craft Day event.

This Sunday we will gather to worship God. Of all the things we do each week, worship has the greatest eternal consequences. But, it also has great immediate consequences, because when we start the week with worship of God, everything else is transformed. Join us as we not sing God's praises, confess our sins and find His forgiveness, hear His word for us, and enjoy fellowship with others who love him.

In Christ,
Pastor Green

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