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Is the God of the Old Testament an Evil God?

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Some people think that the God described in the Old Testament is a God of wrath, vengeance, and retribution. In other words, an evil God.

This Sunday we will be looking at Hosea 10 and 11 in our worship. There you will read statements such as: “I will send fire upon their cities that will consume their fortresses.” “Even if they rear children, I will bereave them of every one.” And, “Even if they bear children, I will slay their cherished offspring.” Those are harsh statements. But, to conclude that the God who spoke them is evil requires knowing why the statements were made.

If someone with the authority and ability to do so said, “I will destroy every Ebola life form” and “if it creates offspring, I will kill them too,” we would not say that he or she was evil. Indeed, the world would heap acclaim on this person and call their actions a great triumph for the good of mankind. So, it seems, that without understanding the context of a statement, we cannot judge if it is or is not evil.

This Sunday we will look at Hosea 10 and 11. There we will learn why God says such strong and harsh statements to Israel and what his intention or motive is for these actions.

Also on Sunday:

  • Daylight savings time begins. Turn your clock backward one hour on Saturday night and get an extra hour of sleep or arrive at church early!
  • We will celebrate communion. Please prepare your hearts for this sacred remembrance. Also, don't forget your gift of food or gently used clothing for the South Loop Food Pantry.
  • Everyone is invited to remain after worship and join us for our bi-monthly church luncheon. A special activity has been planned and a delicious lunch prepared, so plan on staying after worship for lunch. All children’s, youth, and adult Sunday School classes will be cancelled so that we can have an extended time for fellowship.
  • The Children’s Ministry is preparing our children to do a special presentation in song as part of our Advent series. A special rehearsal with the Worship Team will take place after we are finished eating and while the adults are enjoying time with one another.

Join us on Sunday for a special day of worship and fellowship.

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