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Do some people go to hell?

Sunday, October 12, 2014

It is not unusual to hear people say that Hitler, wife beaters, predators, and other assorted evil people should go to hell. Even non-Christians often say this. Will this really happen? Will some people have an eternity of perpetual torment?

God says, “Yes.” Some people are “objects of God’s wrath, prepared for destruction” (Romans 9:22).

How were they prepared for such a horrible destiny? Did they have a choice? Could they have “opted out” of a destiny of destruction and instead become an “object of God’s mercy” (Romans 9:23)?

These are intellectually fascinating questions to debate in seminary. But they are also emotionally gut wrenching questions when someone we know, perhaps love, seems to fit into the category of an “object prepared for destruction.”

What do we say to such a person? How do we pray for them? Does God offer them any hope?

Hosea has introduced us to these questions. God is just. Justice demands that evil be punished.

Join us this Sunday as we gather to worship the just God Hosea knew and spoke of, a God who judges and punishes the evildoer.

In Christ,
Pastor Green

P.S. Although the Marathon will close some roads, there are several routes that will get you to church, just allow a few extra minutes. Maps of the race route are available on-line.
For those driving from the north on I-90/94, the Kennedy, your usual exit at Roosevelt or at 18th St. will be open.
For those driving from the west on I-290, the Eisenhower, your usual exits will be open.
For those driving on I-55, the Chinatown/Cermak ramp will be open.
For those driving from Chinatown, Bridgeport and neighboring areas, drive to 35th St. and get on the Dan Ryan northbound at 35th by the Sox stadium. Move to the far left lane which will take you to the I-55 Chinatown/Cermak ramp. At the end of the ramp turn right and then immediately left (north) onto Clark, which will take you to 16th St. and the Daystar parking lot.
For those on the near north side and other Chicago neighborhoods, the CTA may be your easiest way to get to church The Red Line stop at Roosevelt is a short walk to the Daystar building. If driving, check the online map of the Chicago Marathon route to be sure your route will be open.

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