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The Demands of Justice and The Call of Love

Saturday, September 13, 2014

There are times when evil is so pervasive and overwhelming that even the most callous and uncaring cry out and demand justice. Think of the chaos and destruction caused by the Russian sponsored war in Ukraine including the shooting down of a civilian airliner; the gruesome deaths resulting from uncounted cases of Ebola in Africa while a few Americans and Europeans get expensive, intensive, and effective treatment; the murder of Christians and other minorities as a despotic fanatical rule is imposed on parts of the Middle East; and the turmoil in Ferguson, Missouri. Who cannot say that justice is needed in these and many other parts of our world?

In the end, the call for justice leads to condemnation, and condemnation to punishment. How do we affirm the call for justice while seeking to obey the many commands in the Bible to love our enemy? When faced with pervasive and overwhelming evil demanding justice, can love endure?

The Old Testament prophet Hosea wrestled with these questions. God could not simply ignore the overwhelming evil in his nation. God had to act with justice, leading to condemnation, and punishment. But, Hosea also knew that God had chosen the descendants of Abraham and promised to always bless them. How could God show love to a people whose actions demanded justice? When faced with pervasive and demanding justice, can love endure?

God is fully and completely just and fully and completely loving. We worship a just and loving God! Join us as we worship our God who responds to evil with justice and who loves even the worst of evildoers.

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