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What's So Bad About Sin?

Friday, July 25, 2014

What’s so bad about sin? I sin. You sin. We all sin. Is sin really so bad, or is it merely normal?

When the news reports something bad, be it a shooting, robbery, violation of the public trust, or the like, usually an expert explains how it was caused by how the person was raised or how it is rooted in an economic, racial, sexual, or other problem of society.

Psychological and sociological explanations for why people behave badly may offer helpful insights. But, this form of “diagnosis” and the resulting “treatment strategy” (provide nurturing day care, provide access to health care, provide meaningful and well paying jobs, affirm the person’s worth, require the police to be respectful of minorities, and so forth) never seem to really fix the problem of the evil inclinations that we observe in others and that we experience within ourselves.

If there is one problem that our society does not like to talk about, it is sin. We are constantly told that morality is inconsistent with personal freedom and that sin is an old fashioned idea that is out of touch with a modern understanding of why people behave badly.

A shadow is the absence of light. When we live in the absence of God’s grace, we live in the darkness or shadow of sin. For thousands of years believers have struggled with living in the darkness of their own soul and the darkness of the culture they are part of. Their spiritual leaders guided them to reject vices and pursue virtues. A vice is a character trait that reflects the long-term absence of God’s grace in our life. A virtue is a character trait that reflects the long-term presence of God’s grace in our life. As a shadow fades when the light appears, so vices fade when virtues become part of our character.

If you are serious about your spiritual life, if you are serious about raising a son or daughter who is capable of loving God and others, if you are serious about addressing the problems of injustice in society, then the focus of our worship services for the next seven weeks will help you.

Pastor Green

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