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Popular spirituality and Easter

Friday, April 18, 2014

We live in a largely materialistic and post-Christian culture. Yet, there remains a yearning for something to give life meaning beyond mere existence. There seems to be no shortage of popular books and movies seeking to answer these questions.

Two weeks ago, the popular spiritual movie was Noah. Reviews praise it for artistic effort. The movie is loosely based on the biblical story of Noah combined with socially popular themes unrelated to the biblical message or contradictory to it. In the end, what is presented is something far from the story of God's righteousness totally violated, of evil that corrupts everything it touches, and of justice that deals with evil.

This weekend the hot spiritual movie is Heaven Is For Real. It is less about what God has said than about what we want to hear concerning life after death. If you want to know what heaven and eternal life are actually about, read John 17:3.

And we haven't even gotten to all the books, magazine articles, and TV programs which try to answer the fundamental questions of life!

One of the greatest ironies of contemporary culture is that it seeks the answer to the eternal questions of life’s meaning and purpose with a firm unwillingness to consider the answer that has satisfied the heart, mind, and soul of people from every walk of life and every culture for thousands of years.

Good Friday and Easter are the greatest days in the Christian calendar. They answer these ultimate questions of life and death.

Join us on Good Friday evening as we reflect on the death of Christ and celebrate communion. Our service begins promptly at 7:00 and will end at 7:59. On Easter Sunday morning, our worship of the risen Christ begins at 9:30. During the Sunday school hour the children will have an Easter egg hunt tied into their lesson. After service, there will be an extended time of refreshment.

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