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Will Winter Ever End?

Saturday, March 8, 2014

"This winter will never end!" Nearly every Chicagoan has said this. But longer days and the warm sun hint at change to come. It's hard to believe that instead of seeing a four-foot high pile of rock hard snow in front of my house, I will see green grass and flowers. Things change.

Perhaps I should say, some things change and some things don’t.

Some things change because it is their nature. Flowers grow, bloom, and fade. Some things don’t change because it's their nature. Rocks don't change.

Perhaps the most difficult thing to change in the entire world is a person. Not their body, it has to change. But who we are as a person is sometimes, tragically, unchanging.

Is there any hope for someone who is, to be polite, not pleasant? And, who seems quite happy to remain so?

This Sunday we will meet such a person. We will also meet a person who dramatically changed. These two stories will give you hope.

This Sunday is change-your-clock Sunday. "Spring ahead" means that you need to turn your clock ahead one-hour Saturday night or you will be an hour late to church.
Also, this Sunday we will be starting a new adult Sunday school class on marriage. You won't want to miss it.

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