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Worship Service: Sundays @ 9:30 a.m.

We meet at Perspectives Charter School - Joslin Campus located in the South Loop neighborhood of Chicago.

Our address: 1930 S. Archer Ave., Chicago, IL 60616.

Parking is available in the school lot.

Welcome to Cornerstone Community Church


Pastor Green

Dear friends,

What do you think most people would say?

A teacher has two students. One did all of the homework on time, got a high score on the final exam, and consistently displayed sincere interest in the subject. The other did the minimum homework, took the exam (we won't mention the grade), and was obviously uninterested in the subject. Who gets the A? Who gets the D?

Two people worship God. One worships in a manner that pleases God. The other worships in a manner that displeases God. Who does God bless?

Pastor Green

Dear friends,

Why do bad things happen?

A child will often point at someone else. Sometimes adults do so too!

Many of the demonstrators on the streets of Chicago believe it’s because of “the system.” Liberals believe it’s because of the conservatives. Conservatives are convinced it’s because of the liberals. Socialists point at the capitalists. Some claim, “The devil made me do it.” Some point to their parents, or their culture, or …, and so the finger pointing goes, and goes, and goes.

Pastor Green

Dear friends,

When I was a boy, I recall explaining to my teacher that I kept making the same kind of mistake on my schoolwork and did not know what to do about it. I’m not sure what the problem was, memories from that far back tend to fade! But, I do recall the teacher’s response. It left me with a sense of frustration over the futility of trying to do better. What did the teacher say? “I can’t understand how you can know what you are doing wrong and not change it.”

Didn’t my teacher understand that knowing what to do and actually doing it are not the same thing?

Pastor Green

Dear friends,

You can’t live in Chicago, especially in a neighborhood like Bridgeport where I live, and not be aware of St. Patrick’s Day. I’m not referring to green beer, a river dyed green, crazy parades, or three-leaf clovers in windows.

Pastor Green

Dear friends,

A pastor visited one of his members who was a farmer. The pastor asked the farmer, “If you had 100 horses, would you give 10 to the church’s building fund?” “Certainly,” said the farmer. He then asked, “If you had 100 cows, would you give 10 to the church’s building fund?” “Certainly,” said the farmer. Then the pastor asked, “If you had 100 pigs, would you give 10 to the church’s building fund?” The farmer replied, “Now cut that out, pastor, you know I have pigs.”


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Cornerstone Community Church • 1930 S. Archer Ave • Chicago, IL 60616
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