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Sunday Worship Suspended - Livestream available

A message from Pastor Calvin and the elders
Cornerstone Family,
Due to the continuing developments related to the Coronavirus pandemic, the elders have decided to suspend meeting in person beginning this coming Sunday, March 15th. We will continue to monitor the situation and make further decisions on a week by week basis. We are asking that small group meetings continue, and recommend that small groups meet online instead of in person if possible.

We do not make this decision lightly. The assembly of the saints is an irreplaceable means of God’s grace. We realize that most of us depend on the fellowship of believers to stay encouraged. At this time we believe that this course of action will preserve lives and protect you, our flock.

We will livestream our worship service at our normal time of 9:30AM over YouTube.

Please join us in the livestream by going to https://youtu.be/_BXGNSMqb5o

Find more sermon videos on our YouTube channel.

You can give online at https://cornerstonecma.churchcenter.com/giving

The following factors weighed heavily in our decision to suspend meeting in person:

  1. CDC and local officials guidelines strongly recommend it
  2. Sensitivity to those in our congregation who qualify as high risk
  3. Our responsibility to do our part in helping to slow and contain the virus for the sake of all people

Even though we cannot all meet together, I would like to take this opportunity to visit some of you during this time to pray with you and to encourage you. If you are open to it, send me an email and let's set a day we can meet! I would enjoy that very much!

Diane is in the high risk category as she has diabetes, so please keep her in prayer. Keep all our seniors in prayer and check in on them occasionally. Keep one another in prayer.

I have offered our church’s assistance to two of the senior residences in Bridgeport. I have made myself available to come and serve in any way they may need--Whether companionship, prayer, or even an encouraging sermon. I also offered our church’s material support in the form of food or other materials. Each residence said they will reach out if they need us. I am standing by and ready to assist them.

Don’t forget the children! I read an article about food insecurity among children, and how many depend on the school lunch program just to get a healthy meal. If schools close they will suffer greatly. I reached out to June to offer our church’s material support to the children that attend UCA during this time. They do not have any needs right now, but we want to be available to help if those families become stretched due to lack of work as industries continue to tighten their fiscal belts and lay off workers.

Let us all be attuned to the needs of the Bridgeport and Near South Side communities. Lets pray for these communities that God has assigned to us. Lets be ready to do good toward all people!

We are also aware that as/if this thing drags on for a while some of you may run short on paper and/or soap supplies. Please reach out to Steve Li to access church assistance if you get in that situation.

Finally, I will end with this video from the C&MA President, John Stumbo as he offers words of encouragement and perspective as to how the Body of Christ can bring glory to His name as we serve and love on those around us during this time.

John Stumbo: Perspectives on a Pandemic

Lastly, be encouraged. This pandemic has not taken God by surprise! He is in control and we trust in Him with all our hearts. His wisdom and love never fail!

Looking forward to Sunday’s Live Stream!

Pastor Calvin

Alliance City Mission Vision & Our Part, March 29

Alliance City Mission Vision & Our Part, March 29

Bob Petty, Director for Multiplication, Midwest C&MA will be speaking with us about the District's current missional efforts in our city. He will also be talking to us about how our church can become more active in missional work in our own communities. As our church is beginning to establish identity and a sense of place, this is a strategic moment for us to begin to imagine what it would look like for Cornerstone to expand our ministry footprint in our territory to the glory of God.

Fruit of the Spirit - Goodness | sermon by Pastor Calvin Robinson

Pastor Calvin Robinson shared on goodness in his message from Galatians 5:22-23 on the Fruit of the Spirit.

Find more sermon videos on our YouTube channel and Instagram IGTV. NEW! Cornerstone Podcasts are now available at Anchor.fm (links to Google Podcasts, Spotify, and other services.)

Women’s First Clothing Swap, March 7

Women’s First Clothing Swap, March 7

Come to our first ever clothing swap and accessories party at Jaci Yeo’s house in Naperville on March 7 from 11 am - 3 pm. Bring gently used (or new) clean clothing items like scarves, dresses, pants, tops, and hats. This is a potluck lunch. Share sandwiches, salad, or desserts to share with five or more people. Tea and beverages will be provided. Contact Shirley Li for more information.

Fruit of the Spirit - Kindness | sermon by Pastor Calvin Robinson

Pastor Calvin Robinson continues his message from Galatians 5:22-23 on the Fruit of the Spirit. This time on kindness.

Find more sermon videos on our YouTube channel and Instagram IGTV.


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