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Worship Service: Sundays @ 9:30 a.m.

Cornerstone Community Church meets at Daystar School located in the South Loop area of Chicago with free parking in the school lot.
Our address: 1550 South State Street, Chicago, Illinois 60605
Entrance is on the 16th street side of the building.


13 Sep
Pastor Green

There are times when evil is so pervasive and overwhelming that even the most callous and uncaring cry out and demand justice. Think of the chaos and destruction caused by the Russian sponsored war in Ukraine including the shooting down of a civilian airliner; the gruesome deaths resulting from uncounted cases of Ebola in Africa while a few Americans and Europeans get expensive, intensive, and effective treatment; the murder of Christians and other minorities as a despotic fanatical rule is imposed on parts of the Middle East; and the turmoil in Ferguson, Missouri.

04 Sep
Happy Birthday Cornerstone Community Church

Join us this Sunday as we celebrate our fourth anniversary with a special lunch after the worship service. Adult and children’s Sunday school classes will be cancelled.

25 Jul
Pastor Green

What’s so bad about sin? I sin. You sin. We all sin. Is sin really so bad, or is it merely normal?

When the news reports something bad, be it a shooting, robbery, violation of the public trust, or the like, usually an expert explains how it was caused by how the person was raised or how it is rooted in an economic, racial, sexual, or other problem of society.


Women's Summer Series 2014

Women's Summer Series

Women, join us Thursday nights from 7 - 9 pm for fellowship, food, fun, and spiritual focus from July 3 through August 14 at the Green’s home. Various women of the Bible, saints and sinners, will serve as the focus for discussions. Feel free to attend every week or only some of the weekly meetings. Friends and relatives are welcome. For more information or directions, contact Michele.


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